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UberAds delivers the most powerful, real-time, data-driven advertising solution on the market.
Multi-threaded Campaign Manager
Manage delivery at campaign and flight level for efficiency
User-based Aggregate frequency capping
Intelligent pacing models and trend metrics
Creative manager for optimal workflow
Advanced Targeting
Basic targeting (os, device, oem, etc)
Geofence - draw custom boundaries or set radius
Use UberAds proprietary audiences or build your own
Retarget by multiple methods including location
Daypart in 15 minute intervals by time zone
Real-time Reporting
Report key metrics real-time (within 15 minutes)
Custom reports by any metric and dimension
Time zone - reports available in multiple time zones
Big Data Technology
Big data warehouse: proprietary data assets
400+ user profiles
Supports bring-your-own-data
Audience extension (look-a-like technology)
Always-On Optimization
Score users, advertisers and publishers in real-time
Optimize against any performance target (CTR, conversion, SoV)
Revenue and performandce optimization modes (with floors)
Next-generation Ad Server
Powers high-performing dynamic ad units (MRAID standards)
Revolutionary interactions: accelermeter, compass, location
Other ad formats: video
Cloud-based Architecture
SaaS partners can launch within 24 hours
Scales on demand with redundancy for minimal outages
Separate instances delivered (as required)
Reach that Matters (via our Universal Gateway)
Access primary RTB/Exchanges (use existing accounts)
Seamless integration for publish (API, mediators)
Proprietary inventory
1 First to market
UberAds® advertising solution is developed by UM, based in Pasadena, California. Originally founded as a mobile app publisher, UM pivoted in 2012 in order to focus primarily on building its own mobile-first ad network.
130 W. Union Street Pasadena, California 91103
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